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$ 10.90

Price listed above is for order of 100 units. Each set of Koki consist of 6 coasters. Let us know your desired quantity and any corporate customisations needed. We’re here to assist you.

Introducing Koki Saffiano Leather Coasters

Named after the Japanese term for “aroma vessel,” our Koki coasters embody the art of elevating beverage flavors.

Meticulously crafted from Saffiano Leather, created from PU (Polyurethane), the Koki coasters unite sophistication with resilience. Being cruelty-free and sustainable, they offer an eco-conscious choice without compromising quality.

Key Features:
– Minimalist Design: Timelessly sleek.
– Lightweight: Premium feel without the added bulk.

Elevate your corporate gifting with Koki, where style seamlessly meets quality.

Our designer will assist to optimally position your company logo for engraving/printing on the product. All our gifts come with an elegant gift box. You can also print your logo on the gift box as well.

The prices listed are retail prices. Please contact us for volume discounts.

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