AirX Coffee Ground Latte Cup

These Latte cups, crafted entirely from plant-based and recycled materials, are a testament to sustainability and innovation. Its primary ingredient, Coffee Bio-Composite, demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and boasts impressive features.

  • Good heat retention, ensuring your beverage stays at the perfect temperature.
  • High heat resistance up to 120 degrees Celsius, guaranteeing durability.
  • Health-conscious design, free from harmful BPA substances.
  • Lightweight yet robust, these cups are reusable, making them your eco-friendly, long-term choice.
  • After use, cleaning is a breeze, and our cups are fully biodegradable, aligning with your ecological values.
  • An added touch of authenticity, these cups exude the natural colour and aroma of coffee.
Our designer will assist to optimally position your company logo for engraving/printing on the product. All our gifts come with an elegant gift box. You can also print your logo on the gift box as well.

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