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Cracked pots

The problem of pain bugs us all. For some, it comes like an occasional visitor. For others, it is a lifelong burden. And yet for many, it is a familiar feeling we wished we never had to deal with.

Like “cracked pots”, we all experience pain to varying degrees – from the disappointment of a relationship with a loved one, to the perpetual sense of not measuring up, to the crushing weight of a medical condition.

A cracked pot is inherently broken and hard to fix, and if not handled with care, may shatter.

But at the heart of every crack (pain and suffering) is a redeeming quality – a light that shines brightest through cracked pots.


Shine bright

The light that pierces through every crack emerges as rays of hope and healing to others. The greater the pain, the greater the “rewards” that come with overcoming it. You will end up with more than if you had not gone through that pain.

Think of what could result from your pain: perseverance, faith, strength of character, hope and resilience.

Overcoming it may not be easy, but with a little bit of faith, belief and support from loved ones, not impossible.


A story to inspire

Take heart! Don’t let your pain go to waste. Turn it into gain, a story of hope and healing for others confronted with the same mountain.

Turn your test into a testimony, your mess into a message. The light that shines the brightest will also bring the most hope.

Best of all, you now have a story to tell and inspire others with.

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels….” 2 Cor 4:7


Clement Lim

A guy who loves to write and express anything positive, encouraging or feel-good. Loves modernity and its buzz, but relishes good-old tradition. Values books, relationships and God. Hopes to inspire, lead and help others find their true selves.

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