Sustainable Double Wall Drinking Glass Made From Recycled Glass 250ml

Introducing a key component of our plastic-free drinking solution: our double-wall drinking glasses, designed for both home and office use. These versatile glasses are available in three sizes: 80ml for espresso and shot enthusiasts, 250ml for longer beverages, and 330ml for soda and fruit juice aficionados. Double-wall glasses offer numerous advantages over standard glassware. They maintain your drinks’ optimal temperature for an extended period, prevent condensation, and offer a comfortable, secure grip. Furthermore, they are exceptionally durable, resistant to cracking, and boast an elegant, stylish appearance.

Glass, a sustainable material, is 100% recyclable and reusable, making a significant contribution to environmental preservation by reducing carbon emissions and conserving precious natural resources. Our glassware is produced through a carbon-neutral process, thanks to CO2 offsetting, further enhancing its eco-friendly credentials.

Our designer will help position your company logo elegantly for engraving / printing on the product. Be sure to ask us about the different custom packagings we offer. You can also have your logo on the gift packaging. MOQ applies.

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