A Timeless Beauty from Germany

Winner of

  • The Prestigious JIDA Design Museum Selection
  • The Busse Longlife Design Award
  • Position of Permanent Display in The Museum of Modern Art

Design & engineered in 1966. Its minimalist lines has withstood the test of time, even surpassing modern designs.

Look Sharp at Work

The Lamy 2000 can accompany you from the comfort of home to the modern workplace. The stainless steel accents give this pen an understated elegance as well as providing lovely contrast to the black fibreglass body. Striking yet elegant.





World Class Engineering + Premium Materials

A pen of perfect balance, light weight, and comfort. Made from a durable yet lightweight fibreglass called Makrolon. The very component that makes bullet-proof windows.

Finer Details

  • The piston filling mechanism means you will get more writing out of your pen due to the larger ink capacity.
  • Features a beautiful platinum coated, 14k gold nib.
  • Innovative spring loaded pen clip design that makes it easier for you to fasten the pen to your notebook or pocket.
  • Easy snap-on cap to make capping and uncapping a satisfying experience.
  • Incredibly lightweight, with a total weight of approximately 25 grams.

This pen is for one who appreciates the finer things in life.