How to Write with a Fountain Pen

The idea of writing with a fountain pen may seem daunting to many people. The truth is there are some things that you need to look out for in order for your fountain pen to yield you the true fountain pen experience. Many have given up and have missed out on the joy of using this amazing writing instrument.

How this Article can Help

This article will tell you about the right way to hold and write with a fountain pen. It is important to set the foundation right so that you can build on good grounds for you to continuing practicing. This article aims to cover this in a simple to follow and concise manner.

The Grip

This is the grip we recommend. Hold the fountain pen between your index finger and thumb. Rest the barrel of the pen on the first joint of your middle finger. Then rest your ring and pinky finger on the surface to provide support for the whole hand. Move the whole grip along the length of the pen. Moving further from the nib until the pen makes a 40-55 degree angle to the paper. 40-55 degree is typically where you can find the “sweet spot”. The “sweet spot” is the point on the nib that yield the smoothest and optimal ink flow. It is where the fountain pen craftman design for the pen to be written on. The sweet spot varies from pen to pen and it will take the user from experimentation to find it.

Move Only your Lower Arm

Let the whole lower arm do the work. The lower arm consist of bigger muscle groups as compared to the wrist and fingers. Writing with the lower arm will allow you to write for longer period of time without getting tired or progressively hurting yourself. Only use your wrist and fingers to make fine adjustments, maintaining the “sweet spot” on the paper while writing.


Unlike ball points, a fountain pen doesn’t require much pressure for ink to flow out. You just need to perform a guiding motion, guiding your pen across the paper and making a point to keep the “sweet spot” of the nib touching the paper. There is no need to press the pen down. Unless your fountain pen is very light, else the weight of the pen itself is sufficient.

Take Home

  • The surface of the nib that yield the smoothest and optimal ink flow is the sweet spot.
  • Write using your lower arm movement. Keep your wrist and fingers relatively motionless except to maintain the “sweet spot” on paper.
  • Being able to write with a guiding motion instead of pressing the pen down is the pleasure of writing with a fountain pen. Insist on practicing the right way.


We hope we have been of help!

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