Gold Nib Fountain Pen

Will I write better with a Gold Nib Fountain Pen?

This is one of the first questions that confuse newcomers making their first purchase and continues to bug them after their purchase. We worry if we have gotten the right nib and will the other types actually be more suitable for me. This doubt may actually steal the joy from our new purchase.

Following the article to inform our readers on fountain pen nib sizes, This article will give you a better understanding of steel and gold nibs. And which one you should choose for the purpose and writing style that you are using the pen for. Getting the right nib for yourself magnifies the joy and satisfaction of writing. Combine that with a good foundation of knowing how to write with a fountain pen will motive you to practice more, perfecting your strokes.

Flexible Nibs

The ink channel delivers ink from the ink feed to the paper. One of the factors that controls the amount of ink delivered to paper is how far apart the 2 tines that forms the ink channel are. The wider the tines, the more easily ink is delivered to the paper. With this the line drawn will be bolder.

Due to the flexible nature of gold, gold is typically used to make “Flexible nibs”. These are ones that are designed for the tines to spreads wider when pressure is applied, resulting in bolder lines. With practice, this allows the writer to write words of varied thickness. Writers usually write slowly and deliberately, putting pressure at the right stroke to create the line variation. A gold nib typically comes in 14k, 18k and 21 k. 14k nibs will display this flexing effect and 18k and 21k nibs give even more.

Stringy Nibs

Gold is also the material of choice for “stringy nibs”. Stringy nibs are ones that have the ability to bend under light pressure but without spreading the tine. This results in lines of relatively consistent boldness and a springy feel when writing.

Nail Nibs

Due to the rigid nature of steel, it is typically used to make “ nail nibs”. These are the ones that are not designed to bend or spread under pressure. They yield lines of consistent boldness under different pressure. They are suitable for writing fast and daily practical task such as taking notes. As such, nail nibs made of steel are very common in modern pens. The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen as well as the Kaweco Sport Classic are modern pens that comes with a steel nail nib as default. Other brands such as the veteran Parker Pen also has nail variations.

Take Homes

If you write fast and foresee using the pen as an everyday carry, to quickly take notes and sign documents, then steel nib is the one. If you are looking to create expressive fonts of varied boldness, you should consider gold nibs. The aura and charm of a gold nib pen also makes it a good candidate as premium corporate gifts.


We hope we have been of help!

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