Fountain Pen Nib Sizes

Fountain pen nib sizes defines how bold your lines will be. They can come in EF(Extra fine), F, M, B, all the way to BB (Double bold). It can be difficult to decide on the nib size of your first or next fountain pen. Below are some considerations for you to make an informed decision.

Size of Handwriting

If you have a small handwriting and foresee using the fountain pen on small notebooks, consider F or even EF. If you write big, you can go for broader fountain pen nib sizes. Typically Medium size would be sufficient.

Variation and Design

Some writers use different pens of different nib sizes on the same page to underline, give emphasis or simply for variety and design. However if you are settling with just one nib size for a start, bolder nibs (Medium onwards) will allow you some space for variation by occasionally writing with different angles on the nib.


Bolder nibs may be slightly smoother than a finer nib from the same series. This is so because bolder nibs deliver more ink. The ink acts like a lubricant between the metal nib and paper, making the writing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Drying Time

Due to the fact that bolder nibs delivers more ink to the paper, lines drawn by bolder nibs may take slightly longer to dry. If you are traveling and need your fountain pen to help you take quick notes, a finer nib may be what you are looking for as they deliver less ink to the paper. However, if you are writing leisurely from your desk, drying time may not be a consideration.

In Summary

When deciding on the nib size to buy, think about handwriting size, variation, smoothness and drying time. Decide which one aspect is most important to you and make your decision from there. We hope we have been of help.

Lastly, some pens such as the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen and Kaweco Sport Classic are designed for the nib to be easily swappable by the user. With this you do not need to buy a new pen to experience different nib sizes.

We hope we have been of help!

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