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parker pen singapore authorise vendor

Authorised Parker Pen Singapore
Corporate Gift Provider

Ink and Paperie is an authorised Parker Pen Corporate Gift Provider in Singapore.
We specialise in corporate orders for Parker Pens, Moleskine Notebooks, Lamy, Cross Pens are more. 

Premium Corporate Gifts that your clients truly values, actually uses and remembers you by.




Parker Pen Corporate Orders
Get up to 25% off retail prices. Scroll down to see all models of parker pen available in Singapore. Be sure to ask us for a discount.


Quality Assurance on Parker Pens & Customisation Works

Every single pen and logo printed/engraved are hand-checked before delivering to our clients. 


Low Minimum Order Quantity on Parker Pens

Don’t be shy. Simply let us know the number of units you have in mind. We can work something out. There are customisation methods such as UV printing and laser engraving that do not require bulk orders.


Short Lead Time from Order to Delivery for Parker Pens

Be assured that we will have your pens delivered to you on time. No empty promises. We will be frank and not take up the order if we are not confident of delivery on time.

parker pen singapore models

A Wide Range of Parker Pens Available in

Prices listed here are before corporate discount. Please get a quick quote from us based on your quantity.
Our quote includes cost of logo printing.

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pens

Parker-Pen-Singapore-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Bond-Street-BlackParker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Bond Street Black

RSP: S$ 29.00 (Before Discount)

Parker-Pen-Singapore-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Waterloo-BlueParker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Waterloo Blue
RSP: S$ 29.00 (Before Discount)

Parker-Pen-Singapore-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Royal-BlueParker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Royal Blue
RSP: S$ 29.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Portobello-Purple-1Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Portobello Purple
RSP: S$ 29.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Kensington-RedParker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Kensington Red
RSP: S$ 29.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Victoria-VioletParker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Victoria Violet
RSP: S$ 29.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Chelsea-OrangeParker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Chelsea Orange
RSP: S$ 29.00 (Before Discount)


Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Stainless Steel
RSP: S$ 29.00 (Before Discount)

Parker-Pen-Singapore-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Stainless-Steel-Gold-TrimParker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Stainless Steel with Gold Trim
RSP: S$ 30.00 (Before Discount)


Parker Jotter Premium Ballpoint Pen
Bond Street Black with Grid Pattern
RSP: S$ 44.00 (Before Discount)

Parker-Pen-Singapore-Premium-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Stainless-Steel-with-Diagonal-PatternParker Jotter Premium Ballpoint Pen
Stainless Steel with Diagonal Pattern
RSP: S$ 44.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Premium-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Oxford-Grey-with-Pinstripe-PatternParker Jotter Premium Ballpoint Pen
Oxford Grey with Pinstripe Pattern
RSP: S$ 44.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Premium-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-Carlisle-Pinstripe-BrownParker Jotter Premium Ballpoint Pen
Carlisle Pinstripe Brown
RSP: S$ 44.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Premium-Jotter-Ballpoint-Pen-West-End-Brushed-GoldParker Jotter Premium Ballpoint Pen
West End Brushed Gold
RSP: S$ 59.00 (Before Discount)


Parker Jotter Premium Ballpoint Pen
Bond Street Black with Gold Trim
RSP: S$ 59.00 (Before Discount)

Parker IM Ballpoint Pens


Parker IM Ballpoint Pen
RSP: S$ 45.00 (Before Discount)


Parker IM Ballpoint Pen
RSP: S$ 45.00 (Before Discount)

Parker-Pen-Singapore-IM-Ballpoint-Pen-WhiteParker IM Ballpoint Pen
RSP: S$ 45.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-IM-Ballpoint-Pen-Dark-EspressoParker IM Ballpoint Pen
Dark Espresso
RSP: S$ 45.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-IM-Ballpoint-Pen-Blue-GreyParker IM Ballpoint Pen
RSP: S$ 45.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-IM-Ballpoint-Pen-Light-PurpleParker IM Ballpoint Pen
RSP: S$ 45.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-IM-Ballpoint-Pen-Black-with-Gold-TrimParker IM Ballpoint Pen
Black with Gold Trim
RSP: S$ 45.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-IM-Ballpoint-Pen-Brushed-Metal-With-Gold-TrimParker IM Ballpoint Pen
Brushed Metal with Gold Trim
RSP: S$ 45.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Urban-Ballpoint-Pen-Metro-Metallic-With-Chrome-TrimParker Urban Ballpoint Pen
RSP: S$ 68.00 (Before Discount)
Parker IM Premium Ballpoint Pen
RSP: S$ 85.00 (Before Discount)

Parker Rollerball Pens

Parker-Pen-Singapore-IM-Rollerball-Pen-Black-Chrome-TrimParker IM Rollerball Pen
RSP: S$ 60.00 (Before Discount)

Parker-Pen-Singapore-IM-Premium-Rollerball-Pen-Black-GoldParker IM Premium Rollerball Pen
RSP: S$ 103.00 (Before Discount)

Parker-Pen-Singapore-Urban-Rollerball-Pen-London-Black-Cab-With-Chrome-TrimParker Urban Rollerball Pen
RSP: S$ 80.00 (Before Discount)
Parker-Pen-Singapore-Urban-Premium-Rollerball-Pen-Metallic-EbonyParker Urban Premium Rollerball Pen
RSP: S$ 120.00 (Before Discount)

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parker pen singapore logo customisation

Available Customisation Choices for your Parker Pen

If you are overwhelmed by the many options available, fret not! We will recommend the pen model & customisation method to achieve your budget and requirements.

SilkScreen Printing
Also known as serigraphy. A mould is first produced (using using a transparent plastic); then mounted on a fine netted screen. Paint is then applied. Colours will passed through the net and the mould and the design is produced onto the surface of the parker pens. Some say is the oldest printing method. Refined by time, silkscreen produces defined lines and colours. Colours are applied in a thin and slick layer. The only setback is that it cannot do gradient colouring unless make layers are applied. Silkscreen can produce bright designs and versatile for use on most surfaces. A very popular method used by parker pen corporate gift customisation in Singapore.

The timeless method for customisation. Names and letters are carved onto the pen. You cannot go wrong with this. The only drawback is that logos cannot be produced. There is also no colour options. This is the one that you will find on most parker pen counters and departmental stores in Singapore. Pen are made up of different materials. The base colour below the paint may be silver or copper coloured. So after carving out the surface paint, the letter may be of different colours for different pen models.

Laser Engraving
One of the trending method of customisation in Singapore. Similar to engraving, the top layer paint is burned out to reveal the bottom layer. With Laser engraving on parker pens, you can achieve clean graphical logo and text on the pens. Do note that not all models are suitable for laser engraving. We will advise you if the parker pen model is suitable. Some lacquer on the paint may not turn out well.

UV Printing
Another relatively new customisation technology. With UV printing you can achieve gradient colours at low min quantities. We have this technology is available for parker pen customisation in Singapore. 

Raves by Retail Clients

The service was quick and outstanding. Highly recommended!
Roy See (via Facebook) 


Ashley is a very helpful and patient staff. She replied my every single questions that I’m in doubt. And try her best to solve my problems. Thank you! Will purchase again from the website.
Eian Mei Ting (via Facebook) 


Wonderful shopping experience with Ink and Paperie. Friendly and helpful team especially to Ashley! Delivered within the time frame! Can’t wait to try out my new Lamy Safari.
Jarrette Ooi (via Facebook)

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Scroll down for an interesting read on Parker Pen Brand Tales

Brand Tales For Parker Pen Singapore Lovers

Treasuring and giving thanks for every moment and activity in our lives.

We believe in this. Be it the time spent with loved one, or when you are writing. Yup. Even writing.

Make every word count. Enjoy every stroke of the pen on paper. Admire your black on off-white creations and appreciate the engineering, the craftsmanship of the writing instruments that you are holding.

When it comes to pens, every scribbler has a personal favourite (We have favourites). They became favourites because of the sentimental value they hold (a gift from a loved one), beautiful seasoned strokes that they produced, timeless design, excellent craftsmanship, rich heritage, reliability or even the novel technology powering it. Parker Pen has produced many of such favourites.

Together with renowned fountain pen brands such as LAMY, Parker Pen is a very popular brand when it comes to gifting in the corporate world.

parker pen singapore brand founder

Founder of Parker Pen

Founded in 1888 in Janesville, Wisconsin by a former sales agent, George Safford Parker. George Parker was a former employee of the John Holland Gold Pen Company, when he decided that he could do better. He could do better indeed. He founded Parker and progressed the company by innovations safe guarded by patent

Parker pen singapore lucky curve

Parker Pen’s Lucky Curve

In 1894 Parker pen created a pioneering anti-leak ink system called the Lucky Curve. It featured a curved hockey stick shaped ink system that channels excess ink back to the ink reservoir through capillary action, reducing ink leakage. It was breaking news at that time as it was the first time a fountain pen could be carried in pockets. This became a standard in Parker pen designs for the next 30 years. To further save guard the users from the embarrassment of an ink disaster, the Parker Pen Company created and patented the slip-on outer pen cap in 1898. Now its even safer for one to stuff his Parker fountain pen into his pockets.

parker pen singapore quink ink

Parker Pen made an ink that can only be tamed by chosen pens

In 1931 The Parker Pen Company created Quink – a quick drying ink that eliminated the use of the blotting paper. This ink dries very quickly because it is absorbed by the paper instead of evaporated due to its unique ink composition. However, this composition has came to damage some pen barrels and caps as it was strongly alkaline and contained isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is a solvent uncommonly used in inks. Quink was hence unsuitable for pen made of celluloid. Not for pens that are faint hearted; but a very good all round ink for pens that can subdue it.

Quink was soon joined by the pen that was ideal for it; in fact made with it in mind. The legendary Parker 51. 51 joined Quink 10 years after the ink’s launch into the market place. Parker pen even released a version of Quink called the 51 ink. This is still higher sought after by fountain pen purist in Singapore.

parker pen singapore parker 51

The One Parker Pen that is Highly Sought After in Singapore

The Parker 51. The one pen to rule it all. In 1941 Parker Pen created the most sold fountain pens in the history. They managed to sell more than $400 million worth of the Parker 51, in its 30 years of history. It became so popular that a multitude of facilities were created in different countries such as Canada, Denmark, Brazil, India, Mexico, Argentina and more just to produce this pen. The creation of Parker 51 marks a major achievement as it contained a series of new improvements. Its hooded, tubular nib. Its multi-finned collector. Its material composition. All these come together to work so well with Quink. The result is a nib that stays wet and produces an even line when called for. Because of the Quink technology the lines are also fast drying. It was declared the best pen of the century. 1948 was the year Parker Pen reformulated the “51” ink to reduce the alkalinity. The new ink bears the new name “SuperChrome”. But the warning that it should be used only in the Parker 51 stays (though the warning became more discreet). This is one pen that collectors all over the world wants. Even in Singapore.

Parker Pen Today in Singapore

In 1993, the Parker Pen Company was bought by the famous Gillette Company, which also owned the Paper Mate brand, a company known for its high quality disposable ballpoints. 7 years later, Gillette sold the Parker Pen Company to Newell Rubbermaid, which alongside companies such as Rotring, Waterman, Sharpie and Liquid Paper, created one of the most important writing divisions in the world.

 Today, you can find parker pen in most departmental stores. The parker counter is locater at VivoCity shopping centre (1 Harbourfront Walk).

The Pen All Parker Pen Singapore Lovers Should Own

The Parker Jotter. The pen that represent simplicity and reliability. All that matters. Nothing less. Nothing more. It came about when Parker decided to create a ballpoint pen that was able to meet their consumer’s needs of a long lifespan. In 1954, they created the Jotter pen which had a large cartridge design, so it could hold extra ink, and a rotating point for even wear. With the extra ink, the Jotter pen still maintains a very slim profile (looks really good beside a Moleskine notebook). This 2 innovation meant that the Jotter could write longer without the need for maintenance. It was a crucial technological breakthrough, that made Parker really famous. More than 5 million Jotter pens were sold in the first year, and until today, more than 800 million pens were sold.

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