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Ink and Paperie is an authorised Singapore retailer for fantastic stationery brands such as Moleskine, Lamy and Parker Pen. All products are 100% authentic. We provide customisations to meet your corporate needs and requirements.

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Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook


Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook


Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook
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Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Notebook


Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Notebook


Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Notebook


Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Notebook


Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Notebook
Sapphire Blue



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Choose Moleskine Customisation Effect

Debossing Or Embossing

A method familiar to most. It uses a mould to push in an indentation on the item. Foil can be used to add colours. Customisation cost per unit goes down with larger quantity as a single mould is used multiple times.

Digital Printing

One of the newer techniques. With this we can achieve reproduction of fully coloured text and images on most surfaces.

Premium Foil Printing

One of the oldest and mastered skill by man. The use of gold leaf to decorate items. Requires a brass mould, with heat applies an an indented image on item. Most popular choice are gold and silver. We are seeing the rise in the use of pastel colours. Only on hard covers.

SilkScreen Printing

Also known as serigraphy. Some say is the oldest printing method. Ink is passed through a screen and onto the surface. Multicoloured and proven reliable for corporate colours. Silkscreen produce bright designs and very versatile. It can be use on most surfaces.

Offset Printing

Came in the 1960s. Its arrival spelt the end of letterpress. It allows lower production costs but at the same time produce effects of higher quality. It can reproduce almost every kinds of design. The go-to choice for most customisation requirements.

Your one-stop solution for Moleskine Singapore Corporate Gifts

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Tales of Moleskine (Retold in Singapore)


The first Moleskine notebook was crafted by a small french bookbinder from the city of Tours.

For over a century, it supplied shops of Paris with wonderful notebooks (we do not know if they do diaries at that time). Brightest creative individuals in the league of Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin had worked on Moleskine Notebooks. These notebooks kept safe the raw sketches, seed ideas and draft of stories that became famous paintings and books. Moleskine truly deserves its title of “The Legendary Notebook”.

But strangely, very strangely, it went out of business in the mid 1980s. The notebooks became rare and disappeared totally. (What a pity!) But it was not forgotten. It was brought back to life in 1997 by a small Milanese publisher Modo&Modo. Today, Moleskine still has its home office in Milan, Italy.


Relentless in its Quest to Support Moleskine Singapore Contemporary Creatives

Relentless in its mission to support the creatives of our time, Moleskine has so many times reinvented itself. It is not afraid of the digital invasion but has instead confidently embraced it to create value for its users. And the crowd recognises that.

And Moleskine is not stopping. The simple tools of pen and paper often allow the greatest freedom for our minds and yields works of great creativity. And digital tools cannot be compared in its ability to instantly share our strokes and words with the rest of the world. What if we can have the best of both worlds? Moleskine’s partnership with Livescribe has allowed digitisation of thoughts and ideas as we write on a Moleskine. There you have it! Moleskine has even created a digital version of itself which you can download today for free. The Moleskine Journal App. This reinvention and innovation will continue as Moleskine strives to be a maker of great tools for you and me.


A Full Suite for Moleskine Singapore Lovers

Moleskine celebrates nomadism and has evolved into a family of nomadic goods to satisfy travellers and lovers of pen and paper.

Here on the sunny island of Singapore, start with a Moleskine pen. They write beautifully. Plan your days with the a Moleskine diary or daily planner, so you will know which is the most important task at hand (do remind yourself to start with the hardest and most important task!). Scribble your thoughts in a Moleskine notebook or journal. Don’t let that idea slip away! Then explore the lands with the Moleskine travel journals. Capture the exotic sights on a Moleskine sketchbook. Finally, keep everything safe in the sleek Moleskine bag as you trot the earth.

Ink and Paperie brings you Moleskine in Singapore. Dedicated to you the traveller. The creatives of our time. And we thank God to see you stumble into our humble shop!


Your one-stop solution for Moleskine Singapore Corporate Gifts

Be assured of high quality recommendations and customisations

We are online now!
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