Thank Your Way To Happiness


Stay amazed

I once chanced upon two words that still resonate with me today: Stay amazed. I thought to myself then, “What does it mean to stay amazed? When was the last time I actually felt in awe or amazement at something?”

“Amazed” is a word used to describe one’s deep admiration, appreciation or marvel at something or someone. It didn’t take long for me to realize that amid the daily grind of life and its challenges, I seemed to have lost that sense of awe for the things and people around me – that simple, child-like awe. That, perhaps, is also true for many of us today.

It’s what we focus on

We tend to focus on what we can’t do instead of what we can do. We also tend to focus (a lot) on what we don’t have instead of what we do have. Truth be told, all of us have weaknesses or challenges we wished we didn’t have to confront. No one is spared from them. But we learn to recognise our shortcomings, overcome them, and become a better person. The problem arises when, in trying to overcome our failings, we fault ourselves for everything that has gone wrong around us (or in us). It’s been said that we are often our harshest critic, demanding from ourselves standards that others wouldn’t even expect of us.  Or we become too consumed by the thorn in our flesh (or pebble in our shoe) that we forget the life we have, the loved ones around us, or the job we are employed in.

Enjoy the journey

Granted, some challenges are real, and serious. A debilitating health problem that affects one’s daily life and performance at work is no small matter. But there are things this person can still be grateful for – if one looks no further than what is before him: his family, friends, job, or simply, being alive.

The recovery journey can be a much more meaningful and worthwhile experience if one remains focused (and grateful) for what he can do and what he has, in the face of challenges. I love a quote I once read from a book by a Christian author:

“I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. I’m OK and I’m on my way. I’ll enjoy where I’m at, on my way to where I’m going.”

What perspective! Life in itself is already a miracle. It doesn’t wait for us – so go on and cherish each passing moment. We may stumble along the way, but we stumble forward if we choose to keep our eyes on what lies ahead.

Toward victory

Start by writing down a list of things you are grateful for, and remind yourself of them each day. Ponder on them, and change your perspective about yourself or your challenges. They might appear miniscule in the light of all that you have and are grateful for.

Thank your way to happiness, to freedom, to victory

It’s really the little things that count. Try it. Sometimes, the simplest things can also be the most powerful.


Clement Lim

A guy who loves to write and express anything positive, encouraging or feel-good. Loves modernity and its buzz, but relishes good-old tradition. Values books, relationships and God. Hopes to inspire, lead and help others find their true selves.



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