Moleskine Art Plus Sketch Album. Made for Instagram.


Moleskine Art Plus Sketch Album. Made for Instagram.

The need to share

Sketching is one of my “me-time” activity. An activity that re-charges me. I am a level 0-1 sketcher (in other word: amateurish). The only ones that appreciate my “art” are my very supportive wife and 3 year-old-daughter. They often shower me with praise and squeals of delight when I proudly present my sketches. That is enough for me. Enough to spurt me on to create my next masterpiece. So I can deeply understand how important it is that you as an artist, is able to share your masterpieces easily and in their full glory to people that really matters to you. By sharing, you get feedback to improve. You get encouragement to go on.

Just Sketch

The lightweight Moleskine Sketch Album comes in pocket size and 72 rounds (I mean 72 pages). Stuff this into your pocket with a hardy sketching tool (consider a LAMY fountain Pen) and you are ready to take on any beautiful scenes that assaults you. Sketchers don’t have to be blogged down with heavy tools and instruments. Its an impromptu activity. You sketch when you see a vision so beautiful. You sketch when an idea strikes. You sketch when you feel like it. Anytime.

Just share

Instagram has quickly become a strong platform for artist to share their creation. Much is attributed to its convenience and simplicity. Also, the square format works. Giving each memory shared a retro, polaroid feel. So instant, so impromptu.

The pages of the Moleskine Sketch Album is square in dimension. Same as the default Instagram frame. This means that everything you sketch on it is Instagram-ready. Share your work in its full glory with no cropping needed. Sketch with sharing in mind, with community and connectedness in mind.

The Moleskine Sketch Album. Made for Instagram.

Part of a larger family

The Moleskine Sketch Album comes in pocket and large size. The perfect way to begin a lifestyle of frequent expressions through sketching. It is part of a larger family of creativity tools called Moleskine Art Plus that Moleskine has created for us. Check out the video here and click in to our Moleskine collection to find the perfect sketch book for yourself.



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