Kaweco Sport Classic

Kaweco Sport Classic

Scouting for a beautiful and compact fountain pen that can go almost everywhere with you?


The Kaweco Sport Classic is designed from ground up to go almost everywhere with you. It is short to fit into small pockets and pouches. When capped it occupies only 10.5 cm in your pocket. When in use with its cap posted it adds up to a full size 13.5 cm. (very close to the well loved LAMY Safari Fountain pen which stands at 14 cm capped). Most importantly, the Kaweco Sport Classic features a screw-on cap for extra security. No more worries about the fountain pen caps falling off when stuff into your bag and pocket.

Have a delightful and reliable fountain pen with you everywhere to take notes as you trot the continents.


Finish your work. At 8.5g, the Kaweco is light enough to encourage you to finish that novel or draft. Boosting your productivity.

The True Retro Beauty

Authentic retro beauty. Designed in Germany and Made in Germany. The sports series started in 1913 (that’s more than a century ago.) and go on to be the iconic product of Kaweco. Going thru aggressive refinements, the pen already arrived at its signature hexagonal design in 1934. And largely stays the same till today. There are only a few writing instruments which have been successful in the market for decades without big changes.

Almost all the elements that made the Kaweco classic beautiful comes from its heritage.

The golden brass KA WE CO circle logo on the cap top arose around 1929 and since then can be found on almost all original KAWECO writing instruments.

The same detailed circle logo can be found on the beautiful 23K gold plated steel nib manufactured by Bock of Heidelberg.

We finds the Kaweco Sports Classic White  gorgeous and would recommend that you purchase a golden clip to go with it.

Form Follows Function

Similar to the LAMY Safari, the Kaweco Sport Classic is designed with the principal of form follows function. And designs that serve a purpose are intelligent and rarely goes out of style.

  1. The hexagonal facets on the cap and body prevent the pen from rolling, saving your frustrations and heartaches.
  2. The grip is a simple concave curve that is suitable to most grips. Great if you are starting out and learning how to write with a fountain pen, This pen for you.
  3. Convenience. This fountain pen takes a short standard international cartridge which is readily available.
  4. Wide variety of nib sizes to choose from: EF (extra fine), F (fine), M (medium), B (bold) and BB (double bold)

 All in all

This is a great pen. Beautiful, compact, reliable and hardy. Get it.


We hope we have been of help!

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