How to Clean a Fountain Pen


How to Clean a Fountain Pen

It is suggested that you clean your fountain pen once a month to ensure that your fountain pen continues to write smoothly. Irregular cleaning of your pen may lead to clogging by the accumulation of dried ink. For fountain pen nib sizes that are finer e.g. Extra Fine (EF) and Fine (F) it is even more important to clean regularly as the ink channel is narrow and more easily clogged.

This article will provide a simple to follow guide on how to clean a fountain pen nib.

Unscrew your fountain pen

First, uncap your pen and simply unscrew the nib section from the barrel. (The nib section consist of the nib and feed.)

Remove the cartridge or converter.

That it. You do not need to take the pen apart further.

Soak in water and water alone

Place the nib section in a cup and fill the cup with room temperature water until the nib is submerged. It is not recommended for you to use soap or any other cleaning substance as the residue may clog the nib or damage the material. If the water looks too dark, refill with fresh water. Let the entire nib section soak in the water overnight.

Hold it under running water

Afterwards, hold the nib section under running water for a few minutes. Flushing it with water from top to bottom until the water runs clear.

Using a desoldering bulb or bulb syringe

An alternative method to the soaking method would be to use a desoldering bulb or bulb syringe. Fit the tip of the syringe over the end of the section and pump water through the nib until the water runs clear. This is a thorough way to clean the nib.

Clean the converter

Clean the converter by rinsing it under running water first. Then clean the interior of the converter by pushing water in and out of the reservoir using the plunger. Dry the converter by wiping with a dry cloth.

For piston-filling pens, fill and empty the reservoir by filling it with room temperature water. Twist the pen to the right to fill and twist to the left to empty. Repeat this until the water runs clear. (See article: What is a fountain pen converter to understand the terms of converter and piston-filling pens)

Final steps

Assemble the fountain pen back together. Refill the converter with ink. Since there may still be some water in the nib and feed, your writing will look faint for the first few lines. It is best to write on a scrap piece of paper until the ink looks dark enough and you are done!


Thank you for reading this. We hope we have helped.

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