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The power of words

Words are a powerful collection of thoughts and ideas. They influence and stay with a person long after they are read or heard. They linger in the deep recesses of one’s soul. There is an old proverb that goes:

“Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit”.

Words – for better or for worse

One reads of encouraging stories of life amid adversity, a friend’s blissful travel experiences, or the insightful opinion of an expert.

Or one hears the speech of an influential leader, the rousing rhetoric of an inspiring politician or a motivational guru – all of whose words continue to linger and influence beyond even their generation.

These words, carefully crafted and thought-out, pervade positive emotions of peace, joy and hope.

The converse is also true when one reads of stories that incite negative reactions, or writing that dispels the truth and uses inappropriate language.

Encourage and inspire

We are privileged to be “authors” in our own right today. All we need is a pen, or the keyboard. Let’s not take this privilege for granted, and use it as an instrument for good.

Go ahead and write a story that inspires; cheer a friend up with an encouraging text message; write a note of appreciation to a family member; share new and creative ideas with a colleague, or sow a word of hope to a person in need.

Above all, enjoy the process. The word that encourages others might lift you up in return.


Clement Lim
Guest Writer

A guy who loves to write and express anything positive, encouraging or feel-good. Loves modernity and its buzz, but relishes good-old tradition. Values books, relationships and God. Hopes to inspire, lead and help others find their true selves.



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