Doing Right When It Feels Wrong

Doing the right thing when it feels wrong can be hard. Forgiving, when the other person has clearly hurt you. Giving, when our bank balance is low. Smiling, when dark clouds loom overhead. Love, when a loved one becomes unlovable. Or hope, when all hope seems lost. Yet, we know that doing the right thing always produces the right results. We reap what we sow. The seeds we plant from the onset determine the fruits we eventually get.

Feelings – Good or Bad?

The real problem for most people is that simple-yet-complex thing we all know too well – feelings. For many, it’s a love-hate relationship. We love the feeling of being loved, being treated kind, being showered with praises, and being successful at what we do. And yet, that same feeling of euphoria can suddenly – and unexpectedly – turn nasty. The reverse shows its ugly side – bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, insecurity, and fear. It’s like a mixed bag of emotions we wished we could empty and be devoid of at times. But it just doesn’t happen that way. We can’t choose how we feel; but we can choose how we act.

Do Right, And Let Your Feelings Catch Up

What I’ve found to be helpful when times get rough and our feelings don’t seem to match up is to do what we know to be right anyway – and let the feelings catch up later.
Decide to forgive. Decide to submit to your leadership. Decide to be generous even when it seems you don’t have enough. Decide to encourage others when you are yourself discouraged. Decide to involve yourself with meaningful work instead of having a pity party at home. Decide to honour your parents with your time and money. Decide to complete the task you’ve been given even if it doesn’t seem fair. The list goes on.
It’s the daily actions that count. In the face of the drudgery that life brings, doing what’s right may seem like a futile endeavour. After all, isn’t it nice at times to be able to indulge in our little grievances and complaints?

Turn On The Light

There’s a saying that goes, “Do not be overcome by evil; but overcome evil with good.”
This does make a lot of sense. Evil – in whatever shape or form it may take in one’s life – can be overcome with good. That means continuing to do what’s right in the face of all that is wrong or feels wrong. Instead of fighting darkness, switch on the light of good, and let the darkness flee.
It’s by no means easy to stay committed to doing the right thing all the time. After all, none of us are perfect or capable of being so. But do what you know to be right anyway – it will change your life for the better. The best results always come with an initial sacrifice; an initial discomfort. But the fruits (and good feelings) that follow will be well worth the effort.

Clement Lim

A guy who loves to write and express anything positive, encouraging or feel-good. Loves modernity and its buzz, but relishes good-old tradition. Values books, relationships and God. Hopes to inspire, lead and help others find their true selves.

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