Clear Demonstrator Fountain Pen

Clear Demonstrator Fountain Pens

You may have come across fountain pens that have a clear, transparent barrel, feed and cap. This allows us to see the inner workings of the pens. Some find them intriguing while others prefer their coloured opaque versions. These pens have a special identity called Demonstrator fountain pen or skeleton pen. Although sold the same way, they have a special story of their own. They also carry benefits and conveniences can help you in your work. Don’t miss these benefits!

The article will explain what a demonstrator pen is, and what are its various uses, to help you determine whether you would benefit from obtaining such a pen.

An interesting history of the clear demonstrator fountain pen

Its origins date back to 1930. It was pen designed to sell more pens. Pen manufactures equipped their sale person with these transparent pen to demonstrate to customers the detailed workings inside their products. However, people started asking for these transparent pens. Seeing the demand, manufacturers begin producing them for sale. To this day, demonstrator pens still fascinate users with their display of inner machinery.

Benefits of the clear demonstrator fountain pen

Easily monitor ink reserves

The transparency of a demonstrator pen’s casing gives the user the freedom to monitor the amount of ink left in the cartridge. If you see that there is enough ink, you can leave home with confidence that you will have ink for the rest of the day. Else you can simply top-up or slot an extra ink cartridge into your bag.

Identify the pen that you need

If you work with a variety of ink colours and keeps a few pens inked up with different colours at the same time, then a clear demonstrator pen will be very useful as you can at a glace see the colour of the ink in the storage of the pens. And simply grab the pen you need while working on your masterpiece.

Let the exotic ink colours shine through

If you enjoy working with exotic ink colours, your ink can shine thru the transparent barrel. It’s pleasant to the eyes for both you and people around you.

Find out whats wrong

Another reason people prefer demonstrator pens is that since the casing is transparent, this helps in the monitoring for technical damages or problems. If you know how a pen works, then even you can easily spot the damage or blockage and repair it yourself.

See how the fountain pen work. Its a magnificent show.

If you are one who enjoys seeing how things works, you will enjoy the show put up on the inside of the demonstrator pen. Where you can see ink going thru the feeders while refilling. And ink going thru the section and feed before coming out of the nib. The is for the curious tinkerer in all of us.

Often, some manufacturers publish limited editions of their demonstrator pens, and there are customers who like to buy such pens, both for collection purposes and to show off their limited edition pens. If you enjoy observing the inner workings a fountain pen, a transparent demonstrator pen is an appealing choice.

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