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Moleskine Art Plus Sketch Album. Made for Instagram.


Moleskine Art Plus Sketch Album. Made for Instagram. The need to share Sketching is one of my “me-time” activity. An activity that re-charges me. I am a level 0-1 sketcher (in other word: amateurish). The only ones that appreciate my “art” are my very supportive wife and 3 year-old-daughter. They often shower me with praise […]

Facebook Community for Moleskine Lovers in Singapore


  A place for lovers of Moleskine Singapore. To admire beautiful sketches and designs. (And to share your creations as well) To learn and be impressed by how others hack their Moleskines. To soak up productivity tips on how to get organised with a Moleskine. (And finally get things done) Meet like-minded people. Build lasting […]

Doraemon X Moleskine. Go on an Adventure with your Old Friend Again!

Doraemon X Moleskine Doraemon and Moleskine. Our two all time favourites become one. The one character that never fails to cheer us up. That makes our hearts leap with anticipation as the theme song plays before the cartoon; and as we flip the first pages of the manga book. No need to say anything more. Just […]