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Clear Demonstrator Fountain Pen

Clear Demonstrator Fountain Pens You may have come across fountain pens that have a clear, transparent barrel, feed and cap. This allows us to see the inner workings of the pens. Some find them intriguing while others prefer their coloured opaque versions. These pens have a special identity called Demonstrator fountain pen or skeleton pen. […]

Kaweco Sport Classic

Kaweco Sport Classic Scouting for a beautiful and compact fountain pen that can go almost everywhere with you? Compact The Kaweco Sport Classic is designed from ground up to go almost everywhere with you. It is short to fit into small pockets and pouches. When capped it occupies only 10.5 cm in your pocket. When in […]

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen Looking to buy a beautiful and hardy fountain pen that you can carry around throughout the day? Making the wrong choice can mean breaking an expensive pen that is not designed to tough it out. One can land up in the embarrassing disaster of an ink leakage, staining your pocket or […]