A Simple Bliss You Can Enjoy Now

a simply bliss

Slowing it down

The thrill of modern technology – with the lightning-fast speed at which information is accessible at our fingertips – has produced a generation of people who have forgotten how to slow it down in life. After all, our bodies – and brains – aren’t meant to function without rest.

Has the information overload that is the internet brought us further in terms of knowledge gained and quality of life? The answer to this question would depend on how one measures and deems this notion of “quality”.

Seeking fulfilment

Fulfilment in life tends to be less elusive when one begins to discover, all over again, how to think, imagine, dream and inspire – like a blank canvas waiting to be the next masterpiece. Could it be that this stems from a life – and mind – free from the excesses of technology?

Back to basics

I find time away from modern gadgetry a useful way to achieve this. In this day and age, the good-old tradition of pen, paper and old-fashioned journaling has become a rarity. Instead of penning ideas or thoughts in our notebooks, we see the ubiquitous use of electronic tablets in its place. Instead of a good novel to stimulate our imagination, we are tempted to “candy-crush” or “face-book” our way to school/work. Instead of jotting down inspirations that come in a flash, we allow these same inspirations to drift away and be forgotten.

A pen, a notebook and a good book

Truth be told, I love the sense of virtual connectedness one gets through the social media (this post is one such example!); but time spent with a pen, a journal, or a good book is irreplaceable. It makes one take stock of his/her thoughts, express them in the written word, record them down, and find time to reflect and ponder. This experience – once the norm when life was much simpler – is a bliss worth savouring again.

Make time today

Slow it down. Think it through. Get a good notebook (consider Moleskine). Start penning down your thoughts, inspirations and ideas. And who knows, you might find yourself happier – just like before.


Clement Lim
Guest Writer

A guy who loves to write and express anything positive, encouraging or feel-good. Loves modernity and its buzz, but relishes good-old tradition. Values books, relationships and God. Hopes to inspire, lead and help others find their true selves.



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