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Ink and Paperie is an authorised Singapore retailer for fantastic stationery brands such as Moleskine, Lamy and Parker Pen. All products are 100% authentic. We are also provide for Premium Corporate Gifts. We carry out customisations to meet your corporate needs and requirements.

Peace of Mind Against Ink Leakage. The LAMY Safari Fountain Pen is a masterpiece of German engineering that has been constantly refined since 1980. A fountain pen that is near perfection in structure and internal mechanism. Delivers ink smoothly only when you need it.  
Timeless Minimalist Design. Designed by renowned designer Wolfgang Fabian. LAMY Safari is crafted based on the Bauhaus principle of form follows function. All design elements on this pen serves a function. From the clip and ink window to the body shape that prevents the pen from rolling off your desk.
lamy singapore safari clip
lamy singapore safari grip
Great for Beginners and Experienced Writers. The LAMY Safari Fountain Pen is crafted with recessed grip for maximum ergonomic comfort and to help beginners set their foundation for the right fountain pen grip. It also features interchangeable nibs so that users can experience different nib sizes for different font and expressions.
Made in Germany. Every piece of authentic LAMY fountain pen is made in Heidelberg, Germany “… we keep control over every little aspect of our product quality, from the quills to the ink cartridges”
lamy singapore awards prestige
International Best Seller. C. Josef Lamy GmbH is the leading producer for writing instruments, producing more than 7 million pens per year. It has won more than 100 design distinctions, more than any other writing instrument brand. Yet, the LAMY Safari fountain pen remains its best seller and has won the iF design award in 2007. It is also steadily becoming the gift of choice in the corporate world. A well liked pen as premium corporate gifts.

LAMY Safari Best Selling Colours

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Lamy Singapore AL-Star Grip
The exuberant older brother. The exuberant older brother to the LAMY Safari. Al-star feels at home both in a creative studios or in the corporate meeting rooms. Like the LAMY Safari it is a perfect fountain pen for the first time buyer. Timeless and utilitarian design. The design of LAMY Al-star is recognised by designers and has received the prestigious iF Hannover - Germany design award in 1998 and 1999. The grip. Slightly triangular in shape, meaning your fingers will comfortably contour around the pen. Overtime, it will refine the user's posture of holding a fountain pen. Combined with the brush aluminium texture, you have a very very satisfying grip. That small window is here as well. It performs the practical function of allowing you to see how much ink is left in your pen. So you can make the decision to being an extra capsule out or not.  
The iconic clip. It runs in the family. Both LAMY Safari and the Al-star has the iconic wire pen clip. Minimalist and practical. Reminiscent of a classic Eames chair. The clip clips easily and keep your pen secure. (Very useful when you are at the airport and fumbling with your passports and while the officer stares at you.)  
LAMY Singapore AL-Star Cap
Finish your masterpiece effortlessly. The Lamy Al-star is built from tough yet light weighted brushed aluminium. Effortless to wage and suitable for long hours of writing. It will still look good tomorrow. The aluminium is anodised to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. This is one pen that looks better with age. This iconic pen will delight you with its reliability and practicality all packed into a beautiful form. Lightweight and durable this pen will make writing an effortless pleasure.

LAMY Al-Star Best Selling Colours

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Lamy Singapore Lamy 2000 grip
This pen looked just as good in 1966 as it does today This pen needs almost needs no introduction. The Lamy 2000 is the flagship pen from the iconic Lamy brand. The combination of history, German precision and timeless design has created this classic pen. It is an essential addition to any fountain pen aficionado’s collection and makes the perfect gift for a loved one. One of the key points of this fountain pen is the great design that is encapsulated in its deceptively simple lines. The sleek and minimalist lines that form this pen gives it a timeless elegance. This pen looked just as good in 1966 as it does now in 2015.  
The perfect chameleon The classic, grey and black colour palette of this pen means it is the perfect chameleon. The Lamy 2000 can accompany you from the modern workplace to the comforts of home. The stainless steel accents give this pen an understated elegance as well as providing lovely contrast to the black fibreglass body. Striking yet elegant. Awards and recognitions The LAMY 2000 is the recipient of the prestigious JIDA Design Museum Selection. It is also the recipient of the Busse Longlife Design Award. The Museum of Modern Art deemed it worthy to be put on permanent display. These awards testify to the pen’s design and engineering.  
Lamy Singapore Lamy 2000 hooded nib
Lamy Singapore Lamy 2000 body
Make from the same component of bullet-proof window When you pick this pen up for the first you will be impressed and amazed by its perfect balance, weight, and feel. Made from a durable yet lightweight fibreglass called Makrolon, the Lamy 2000 is sure to withstand the bumps and scratches of everyday life. Makrolon is a highly heat and impact resistant material and is a component of bullet-proof windows. There is no doubt that your Lamy 2000 will stand the test of time. The Makrolon material gives this pen an excellent and comfortable grip unlike metal finishes that may become slippery during long periods of writing. Finer Details
  1. The piston filling mechanism means you will get more writing out of your pen due to the larger ink capacity.
  2. Features a beautiful platinum coated, 14k gold nib.
  3. Innovative spring loaded pen clip design that makes it easier for you to fasten the pen to your notebook or pocket.
  4. Easy snap-on cap to make capping and uncapping a breeze.
  5. Incredibly lightweight, with a total weight of approximately 25 grams.
A classic pen that has proven itself to stand the test of time. This pen is for one who appreciates the finer things in life.

Colours of LAMY 2000

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06 Nov 15. Your favourite LAMY Singapore retailer celebrates Fountain Pen Day with pen enthusiast worldwide.